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Interview With the Awesome Danielle DeVor

Writing is a serious business. It's deeply personal and it usually starts early in life in one form or another. At what age did you fall in love with books? When did you start writing them and at what point did you decided that it was what you wanted to do?

I started really early. I became obsessed with vampires when I was about 3 and I remember my dad reading me this vampire folklore book over and over until I started catching places where he was paraphrasing an he told me to read my "Own damn book." LOL. I didn't start writing books until 2006. Prior to that, I wrote mostly songs, plays, and poetry.

You have a light "writing" voice. It's fluid and melodic, like actually listening to somebody speak with an open heart. How do the voices change for you from character to character? Or do you feel that that voice belongs to you, but switches tones to meet the needs of your story?

I think it mostly depends on the story and what is going on at a particular time. Constructing Marcus, my paranormal romance, has a much lighter voice than Tail of the Devil or Sorrow's Point. But, my male characters tend to have a lot more foul language too. I've been told that the main character from Sorrow's Point and Sorrow's Edge, Jimmy Holiday, is me. But, I think all of my books are noticeable as coming from me.

Everybody always asks where your inspiration comes from as far as stories and characters. It's kind of an over-done question, but it's such an important one because it gives insight into the mind of the author. When you look for inspiration, do you look at reality or fantasy? Or does it come from somewhere completely different? 

I literally get inspiration from anywhere. I can be doing something as simple as getting my morning bath, and the sound of the water coming out of the faucet triggers something. This actually happened with the first line of Tail of the Devil.

Tell us five of your favorite books or authors. And then tell us why you love them so much. 

I am Legend by Richard Matheson. I love it because it is so simply wonderful. I think it doesn't get the recognition it deserves. The sadness of the main character, Robert Neville, being alone for so long and losing his wife to the vampire virus is simply heartbreaking. I cry every time I read it.

The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice. In my mind, Lestat is the greatest vampire character ever created. He's a smart-ass. He's broken. And, yet, he is completely loveable-- even when he does something horrendous.

Salem's Lot by Stephen King. I actually saw the old Tobe Hooper miniseries first. Something about the deliciously evil Barlow invading small town American strikes a nerve with me.

Noticing a trend here? LOL

The Shining by Stephen King. Again, I read the book because I'd seen the film. Jack Nicholson was just an amazing Jack Torrence, and even today, when I read the book, I see Jack.

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. This is a newer addition to my favorites, but I find myself rereading it over and over. There is something to be said for the mother of a killer, especially the killer of children, and how she manages to live after the event.

What do you appreciate about the world around you? What makes you tick? And what are your worst pet peeves and the things that confuse you or infuriate you?

I love color. One of my favorite artists was Bob Ross because of his ability to capture nature. I don't know what makes me tick exactly. Vampires are in there somewhere. LOL. 

My biggest pet peeve is a toss up between lying and being late. I will have an anxiety attack if I am late for something, and if someone is supposed to meet me somewhere and can't be bothered to call or text me that they will be late, well then, my temper explodes.

What are you hopes with the books you write? 

I really hope that readers enjoy them. Now, granted, it would be nice to one day buy a house for my parents, things like that. But, I really want people to enjoy the stories.

In closing, is there anything you'd like to say? To your readers, to other writers, or just to the world. If you had a chance to plant a seed of wisdom or experience, or to pass along a message, you have the floor right now.

Everything in the world is about timing. Sometimes, it doesn't matter what you do, who you know, things just won't work out. So, be patient. Eventually, things will work out.

About the Author:
Named one of the Examiner's 2014 Women in Horror: 93 Horror Authors You Need to Read Right Now, Danielle DeVor has been spinning the spider webs, or rather, the keyboard for more frights and oddities. She spent her early years fantasizing about vampires and watching "Salem's Lot" way too many times. When not writing and reading about weird things, you will find her hanging out at the nearest coffee shop, enjoying a mocha frappuccino. Visit her at
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Twitter: @sammyig

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ASMSG Electorate Interview Bloghop: The Incredible Lenora Henson, Author of the Wicked Garden Series

Lenora Henson

In the world of writing, participants get to meet a lot of different people. It seems every day we come across agents and editors, book bloggers and critics, lots and lots of readers and, of course, other authors. Still, it's a rarity when I meet somebody who has a genuine sparkle in their eyes and an aura that says, "Yes! I am passionate about every word I write and I love what I do!" When I see that, I get excited because I realize I am not speaking to just another story teller, but to a true artist who paints portraits with a dazzling display of words onto the blank canvas of people's minds. Lenora Henson is such an artist, which is why I chose to host her on the ASMSG Electorate Interview Blog Hop. 

Tell me a little about yourself; where you come from, what your life is like and what brought you to where you are as an author.
I am a native of Southern Illinois, now living in the Central part of the state. I spent seventeen years in the newspaper business, doing pretty much everything from reporting and taking pictures, to circulation and office management. I spent most of those years as a graphic designer, which has helped me tremendously with my book covers and promo work. I am a mother to 12-year olds: Sophia and stepson Jack, and soul mate to The Mighty Oak. I love mythology, archetypal psychology and all things symbolic. I read Tarot, and facilitate a women’s soul circle called Psyche’s Circle. I enjoy photography, philosophy and have an ongoing fascination with 70s music.
I was an active writer and creator of fictional worlds all my life. I gave it up for ten years, and five years ago really dove back into the writing with zeal. You can run from your life’s purpose, but it will ALWAYS catch up with you. I was certainly glad it did.
You have written a book series titled “The Wicked Garden”. Tell me about it and give me a quick run down on each book and the inspiration behind them.
Sure thing Melodie. Here is an overview of the first three books.
I just published the third book in The Wicked Garden Series – BELTANE. This is a six-book series that I have been engrossed in for about four years. The genre is witchy fiction or magical realism. Most people are surprised by how close to home this story hits. It’s like they see themselves in at least one of the characters, or can see themselves living in the town of Irvine. Being able to connect with readers who may not be into the paranormal romance scene has been huge. This series is about the human experience, and I think that’s what has made it so successful.

The Wicked Garden – Book One
A prophecy brought them together. A curse tore them apart.
Book One, The Wicked Garden, introduces us to main character Gretchel Shea. She is a beautiful woman with a lovely family, a gorgeous house, and a country-club membership. As far as her neighbors are concerned, she is living the dream. It is just that the dream she is living is not her own, and a nightmare – completely new and centuries – old festers beneath all the luxury.
Eli Stewart has never gotten over Gretchel. He has spent the seventeen years since she left him building the semblance of a life, but a chance encounter unsettles him from this comfortably numb existence, stirs memories he’s tried to bury, and compels him to seek out his lost love.
As Gretchel and Eli stumble toward each other, forces – human and otherwise – rally to keep them apart. Will they find the strength to create their own future, or will they succumb to a cycle of violence that reverberates through the centuries?

The Witches of Snyder Farms – Book Two
History has no mercy.
Book Two, The Witches of Snyder Farms, Gretchel and Eli are just learning to be together again when secrets from their past – secrets they’ve kept from each other and secrets others have kept from them – threaten to destroy their fragile happiness. Even as Eli’s relationship with Gretchel is tested, his bond with Gretchel’s daughter grows deeper. Then the malign spirit that has haunted the women in Gretchel’s family for centuries begins to stalk Ame, Gretchel’s daughter, and Eli discovers the key to the mysterious prophecy that his mother has been obsessively researching for more than forty years…
After a series of stunning revelations from Miss Poni, the family matriarch, Gretchel, Eli and Ame are forced to reconsider everything they think they know about themselves – and each other. Will their love survive? And will Ame be tough enough to fight the curse that has plagued her family for generations?

Beltane – Book Three
There’ll be no rest’n fer the wicked.
An intricately carved box contains a power so great that opening it could change the course of history. Gretchel's seen the box in a vision, but can she remember where it is and does she want to? The energy inside haunts her family line, but also has the power to heal. Will she have the courage to dig up the past?
All your favorite characters return for the third intense volume of The Wicked Garden Series. Join them as they celebrate the Beltane holiday at Snyder Farms where a joyous ruckus ensues and an insidious spirit hides in the shadows of Gretchel's mind.

There are three more books expected in this series. Book four is expected out sometime this summer.

Did you have any particular inspiration as to the characters? How did you decide on their names?
The name Gretchel was present in my mind after a meditation four years ago. I knew her name and I knew she was a redheaded Scottish witch. The others developed as I wrote the story.
What’s the best piece of writing advice anybody ever gave you?
Just do it. Stop talking about it and do it.
What opportunities have your books opened for you? Have you traveled? Who have you met and what came out of your journey as an author.
Great question. I have traveled a bit around the state, and plan to do much more this summer as festival season commences. I have met so many amazing authors since I started traveling the author’s road, along with many creatives and other amazing people who share a similar spiritual path. Every day seems to be a new opportunity to connect with people in the biz and share the journey.
I love to learn about other authors and what makes them tick. Tell me what your greatest obstacles are, not just an author, but as a person who writes books. I know it may sound like it’s the same thing, but people who write know it is not.
It isn’t. As an author my greatest obstacle is staying focused, and trusting my ability to create a well-told story. Managing the business side of being an author has been a learning experience for sure. It still seems weird to me that it is a business.
As a person that writes books, I could get lost in the story and characters all day long. I immerse myself there when possible. It is an obstacle for me now because the business end of it really requires a lot of energy. So everyday, I really feel the pull of two worlds. It is a harmony I am still learning.
And, Finally, tell me how you define success and what writing your book series has meant to you.
Writing this book series really was a healing experience for me. I hadn’t written in ten years, so when I finally started again, it seemed I couldn’t quit. I felt successful when I first held Book One in my hands, and when I saw someone holding it in a picture. It was surreal. I had arrived! Everyday I reach for little successes that add to this, and snowball to keep me motivated. When I know someone was touched by the series, I feel successful. When I know a woman understands one or many of characters on a deep level, I feel successful. I want this story to be engaging, to entertain and to heal others as writing it healed me.
Please give any final words or messages you’d like to leave for your readers.
Thank you for traveling with me on this magical journey through time and memory. Gretchel thanks you for listening to her story. She has much more to tell, and you are not going to believe what happens next! Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye.

Links to Lenora's virtual world:

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Or order a signed copy straight from the author at While at the website, sign up for the monthly newsletter to get exclusive updates.
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No One Has To Die For A Life To End

Author Lorena Wood and her husband, Roger.

If I have learned anything in this world that is the truth, I've learned that no one has to die for a life to end. Lives end when kids fall off their bikes, when people lose jobs, with accidents, with health issues. Lives end in the blink of an eye, yet the people who lose them are often still standing with forced smiles, while remnants of their prior existence scatter at their feet like piles of dried leaves. They try to make sense where there is no sense, sorting through the rubble, while the realities of emotional and physical pain combine with electric bills, proper heating, medicine, gasoline for hospital visits, and food...just eating...things we take for granted...become monsters in their lives that could consume them. 

I can't do justice in words for Lorena and Roger Wood, or for their family. They are your brother and sister, your niece and nephew, the cousins you haven't seen in quite some time. They are the people who hold the door for you as you enter a supermarket on a cold day, letting you pass before them. They are the ones who smile and say, "Excuse me," as they cross your path on a sidewalk. Roger and Lorena are parents and their son and daughter are their children. I know that sounds simplistic, but think about it. Really think about it. They might be strangers, but you know them. You see them every day. They are not perfect, but they are the kindness that we look for in the eyes of every human being we ever met. They are real people. Something happened to them. Something unexpected and horrific. The lives they once had have ended. They don't want to die again. 

Please, read what their son has to say about the medical emergency that happened to his father. Find out what's happening to his family since. If you've never been as helpless or as terrified as the Wood family is right now, you are lucky. Bless you soul. If you have, bless you double. I have, too. Either way, if you can find it in yourself, please help my friend Lorena Wood and her family. Read their story.  Spread the word. Be their miracle. 

I know this economy is terrible. I know everybody is hurting. If you don't have money to donate, tweet this blog, tweet the link to the project. This is it: Or buy one of Lorena's book. She's a wonderful author!   But, please, help. I would take it as a personal favor and Lorena, Roger and their children...they will never forget you.

Bless you all. May you stay safe and warm. May you be healthy and strong. May you always have sunshine to light your days and the peace at night to marvel at the beauty of the moon. May you always travel your path granted with a thousand mercies, wrapped safely in an angel's wings. 

The Project:

Lorena's books:

Radiant Heat: 

Dangerous Prey:


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Bee L. Kirk: City of Guardians. An Interview with Rip

When Bee L Kirk approached me to do a character interview for her book, City of the Guardians, she mentioned that nobody wanted to interview Rip, because he's one of the lowest, most offensive entities there are. I thought to myself, "Hmmm." Rip is very much, in a sense, Rage. And who hasn't known rage? Rage and I, as I say in the interview, go way back in time. I remember Rip when I was about 2 years old and my brother tore the head off my stuffed elephant. I knew him well all through a childhood surrounded by adults submerged in drug and alcohol abuse. I knew him when I was dragged into family court on a case made up of lies against me, where I exploded into a tirade in front of the judge. Funny, though, that tirade led to questions being asked that won my case and left my accuser the one on trial. So, knowing him as I have, I decided to interview Rip, who think he is, and who is definitely, one big and bad entity. Only I decided to badger him a little. So here it is, my interview with Rip, an antagonist from Bee L. Kirk's The City of the Guardians.

1.Hello, Rage. You and I are old friends. Remember the time I listened to you in family court and got held in contempt? That was funny and you totally kept me company, too,  while I was sitting in the tank for six hours. Granted, you didn't do me many favors over the years, but that one makes for a good story now. Anyway, most people give you a bad rap, but I find you fascinating. I really want to know something about you, something deep. How does it feel to be powerless against those who deny you?
First off, my name isn’t Rage, it’s Rip. Rage happens to be the emotion that I’m able to bring out in people the easiest. Secondly, I immensely enjoyed the tantrum you through in family court, it was actually the highlight of my day. While most people try to remain calm and rational in front of the judge, you just let it all out. (Laughing) It was quite pleasurable to see someone listening to me so intently. I wanted your chances of winning to be zero. I wanted you to walk away feeling like the loser that you are and you did just that. And in the future, don’t look for me to do you any favors. That’s not my job, my job is to make the worst come out of you. I want all the pushed aside emotion to come bubbling out at the most inopportune time.

2. What is your ultimate goal? If you destroy humanity, what will you do then? 
My ultimate goal is to see everyone destroy everyone else. I have no future and misery is the only thing I want for humanity.

3. What do you say to the people who believe that Rage only is the result of deep emotional pain and can't exist without it? Do you consider Pain to be a parent of sorts?
I would say that I agree with that. I am at the root of everything child who’s ever been molested or abused in some way. I am the starting point for all the bullied kids in school. I fester in the mind of the heart sick lover. Pain is necessary but I am. I can be resisted. Pain is there to cause one to grow, to experience, and learn from their personal test. The result of pain is usually a learned lesson, a stronger core, a sense of being.

4. How does it make you feel when people use you as a catalyst for good? As in, the outrage that often follows a seemingly senseless act of violence is often followed by an outpouring of human kindness and unity. How do you respond to that?  
It doesn’t matter what the outpouring is after someone has lost it and killed. The key is to stop me before the act itself. But most people today are so wrapped up in themselves, they’re not concerned with helping the less fortunate. As long as they have their electrical devices and inflated egos, they could care less if one of their fellow brethren is in need. Fine by me, makes my job easier. To finish answering your question, hopefully the outpouring is the result of someone dying. If so my job is done. On to the next one. End of Story.

5. You may try to deny this, but it's a well known fact that you can be immediately dispatched by love. Both of you are very strong entities. Do you ever work together for a balance or is it just a constant war between you?
No, we don’t work together (sigh). I have no desire to cooperate with good. That’s Stilo’s department and I leave him to it. We try to stay out of each others’ way but every now and again, a common interest brings us together. This thing with Alex Honor is the perfect example. I want him and so does Stilo.

6. What is the difference between you and hate?
Hate(Hurl) doesn’t like something or someone. He just is a very disgruntled being, for lots of different reasons. I am Hate x10. I am that heat you feel on your face when a loved one has been hurt. I am the shake of your hands when you can’t control your emotions of hurt and pain. I am that low rumble in the back of your mind every time someone cuts you off in traffic. I’m the sickening, dry throat you got when you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you.

7. Any last thoughts you'd like to share?
If there was one thing I could say to every human being on this planet, I would begrudgingly say this, “Calm down. If you knew what I knew and could see what I’ve see, you’d never even contemplate suicide or murder. You would take everyday for what it was worth and find a way to make it work. And stop complaining.”

Bee L. Kirk is a thirty-five year old mother of two. She was born and raised in Camden, Arkansas, and moved to Texas in 1996. She worked for the Dallas County Sheriff's Department for four years as a Fetention Service Officer, or Jailer, and, while there, came to appreciate the fragility of the unknown. She is the host of a radio talk show called "City of the Guardians" on Blog Talk, and contributing writer for Best Southwest Moms Blog. Her blog is called "Bee's Buzzing Thoughts, Opinions, and Reviews, and it can be found at Bee always asks the guest on her show what their passion is. She feels it is important to establish and speak the thing that makes you tick. her passion is letting peopleknow that no kmatter their age, current situation, or past regrets, it is never too late to pursue their passion. :You can do it and I'm living proof," is just one of her many sayings. 

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Presenting Leonardo Ramirez's Masterpiece: Haven of Dante, The Staff of Moshe


Haven Irena Dante, seventeen, struggles with a dysfunctional family. Her workaholic father is never there,but his absence is filled by a loving mother harboring the secret and mysterious past of the family. The Dantes are inheritors of a centuries old legacy stretching back to Dante Alighieri himself.

They fight to contain the nine circles of hell described in the classic literature "Dante's Inferno."

Today, the nine circles have infiltrated the world at every level, operating as a secret society known as "The Aristocracy." The only thing stopping The Aristocracy from world domination is the Dante Family line.

Now it's Haven's turn to carry that torch.

Combining literary fiction with fantasy, this action-packed young adult adventure races through dimensions of paranormal, science fiction, and the supernatural.

Join Haven's adventure now!

To hear an audio drama of Haven of Dante The Staff of Moshe, produced by Viktor Aurelius and Jeff Niles of All Better Audio, go here: 

Link to Haven of Dante The Staff of Moshe on Amazon: 

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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: The Brave and Lovely Gladys Quintal

October is National Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. For those of us who suffered abuse in our lifetime, it's a bittersweet time. Abuse lingers long after it ends. The spiritual and mental wounds run deep and are unimaginably painful. We work so hard to heal what we can of them. We look for affirmation, we find others who understand. We comfort ourselves the best we can when the memories flood back and often close ourselves off from people so that we can't be hurt again. We are often lonely and anxious, waiting for the next attack, even if our original abuser is out of our lives. We never really feel relaxed or safe. We spend all our time trying to be all right in a world that is uncertain and confusing. Imagine what it is like to not know how to NOT be afraid, of not knowing how to trust, and of not understanding your own worth in the world in which you live. That is what life is like after abuse. One look from a friend or stranger that reminds us of our abuser takes us back to a place in time we never want to go again. Our wounds open at any given moment, sometimes with the slightest provocation, and we bleed.

Every day, we struggle so hard to face forward. Looking back and remembering seems so dangerous to us. When we do, we risk relapsing into a world of darkness and despair that holds the power to crush us. We fought so hard to survive...why would we ever go back, even if it is just in memory? So we often keep running, just keep moving, in any direction, to avoid ever having to feel hurt again. Thus, many of us don't talk about our pasts. We keep our secrets tucked away and we never reach out to help others. It is the cycle of silence and isolation that plagues many of those who made it out alive.

But this October was different for me and for many of the authors I know who were, and some who still are, victims of domestic violence. Many of us inspired and encouraged each other to end the silence and tell our stories. These stories are all over the net this month and are featured on a blog, set up by the lovely Jenna Brooks, author of October Snow:

It took great strength and courage for these women to step forward, as it does for all the men, women and children who are victims of domestic violence. So when Gladys Quintal approached me and asked if I would host her story on my blog, I did not hesitate to say yes. And here it is, some her pain and all of her beauty, in words that have the potential to heal. It is my hope that they reach the person who needs to read them the most.

We are all better for sharing. We have all been brave. We have survived the worst. It's time to speak, it's time to tell our stories. It's time to end the silence.

Bless you, Gladys. May you always have the strength to stand again, even if you should fall. Shine on, my friend, shine bright, and shine forever.


Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse By Gladys Quintal

From 1976-1982, I was the victim of sexual abuse. My abuser (who was a paedophile, rapist and killer of animals) was sentenced to seven years in prison on the 25th February 2013
– a full 30 years after the fact. I flew to New Zealand on the 25th of February 2013 to witness the sentencing of my rapist – a journey toward justice 30 years in the making. His conviction and inclusion on the sex offender registry was a victory like no other.
I want to emphasize the all-important message that you do not have to put up with abuse. Children are so easily manipulated and coerced by adults. They are so easily silenced and paralysed by threats, especially threats of violence against loved ones or beloved pets. They are the perfect victims – na├»ve, gullible, terrified and defenceless. Therefore, we must protect our children and make sure we are leaving them in the care of people we absolutely trust.
Yet abuse happens all too frequently around the world, and children need to tell someone – anyone – other than the parent or caregiver who is the abuser. A teacher, priest, neighbour, a policeman… no matter the manner in which your abuser has threatened or intimidated you, there is someone out there who will and can help, if you only take that first step and ask. In cases of paedophilia, nine times out of ten the victim knows the abuser, who is often a family member or close friend. Parents need to be more vigilant and watch for the signs of abuse, for paedophiles operate within a sick and clever mentality of their own, brilliantly disguising their actions, shifting blame, and twisting the facts. Simply put, children do not stand a chance against a determined paedophile. I certainly didn’t.
Whenever the bad stuff would happen, I would zone out and try and pretend it was happening to someone else. I was determined not to let him break me – not to let him drive me insane and in the back of my mind I kept telling myself that one day I would be old enough to leave and start a life for myself. I would be in control then and never let anything like this happen ever again. I always believed that I would have a better life than the horror I was living and fought to survive long enough to make it through to that time.
I wrote this book to inform abuse survivors that they are not alone, and that they are worthy, and that they can seek justice. Yes, justice can be dispensed many, many years after the crime has been committed. It may not be for everyone, and I will not lie and say it is an easy road. It requires years of emotional investment and takes toll on you and your loved ones. But it can be done. The closure it has given me to see “him” behind bars is amazing. I feel as if a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I have been shown to be worthy — at last. 
The sentencing of my rapist was a vindication and also gave me some small sense of consolation. I know that at least for the next few years, other children will be safe from a monstrous paedophile – something that caused me many sleepless nights over the past 30 years. Can you imagine the lingering horror of wondering what “new” child he was abusing at any given time, and not being able to do a damn thing to stop him? I wanted to get him off the streets, away from children, and registered as a sex offender. After many years, I have achieved that.
Also, writing a journal is extremely therapeutic. In fact, this is how the book began. Rather than keep it bottled up inside, push aside your feeling of shame and talk about the abuse. Share your story with anyone who wants to listen, because getting it out there and not hiding it away is the key. It need not be a dark little secret. Tell the world, which is what I am doing here. It gets the burden off your shoulders and may just help someone else in the process. The truth is, the more people who talk about it, the less victims there will be.
Even after everything I went through as a child, I am a happy and well adjusted adult, thank God. I am in love with the man of my dreams, have four beautiful children, and many wonderful friends. I have already reached a lot of the goals that I set for myself – getting my stepfather convicted for rape being at the top of my list. I had always wanted to write books and have done that now too. I enjoy writing and have written a series of Paranormal Romance books in The Dream Series, about a vigilante vampire that kills rapists and child molesters….
I also wrote this book and a short story about my health. I have fought to get my health problems sorted and not just let doctors fob me off like they have tried to do for years. I never want to be a doormat like my mother; I want to take control of my own fate and fight to be in charge of my own life. I now have a very good and happy life, a life where I am in control of my own destiny. The life I always knew was out there waiting for me, if I could just escape the horrors of home.
A life after hell…

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Interview with Uvi Poznansky: The Voice of A Writer, Poet and Artist

In the world of writing, you meet many people. Some are story tellers, people who have wonderful plot lines and fantasies that run through their minds, who jot down words and tell of adventures and far away lands. Some are observers of the world around them and of human nature and write of their experience in a way that teaches others lessons from their own lives. And then there are the select few who write directly from their souls, the ones who paint a canvas with words that reach inside your heart and turn you around. They open your eyes and make you see people, places and situations in a different way than you would have and, ultimately, they change your life. Uvi Poznansky is one of those writers and she doesn't just spread her magic in ink, but in paint as well. I am proud and blessed to have her on my blog. And, now, enough of my introduction! Here is Uvi.

Interview with
Uvi Poznansky
Author of
Apart From Love, Home, A Favorite Son, and Twisted 

Q:  You are a poet and an artist as well as an author. Although all three can go hand in hand, tell us how and if they feed off of the other to help you create.

A:  When you meet a new person, you register not only the way she looks, but also the tone of her voice, the way it fluctuates in sadness and in joy... So in a similar way, when I conjure up a new character, she expresses herself in my mind in many sensual ways. It is not just her voice that I write, not just her angle on events throughout the plot--but her look too, and the way she moves, which I not only describe, but often paint or sculpt. And the opposite is true, too: when I sculpt a piece, which may take several months to complete, an intimate relationship develops between the figures and me, so they begin to have a voice. This is what happened with my dancers in the sculpture Dust You Gather Me,
which was inspired by my poem, Dust, which starts with his voice:

From dust you gather me
I beg you on my knee
Look away—imagine me,
The way I used to be
Now shadows spread upon me
Stain by stain
I shiver. Touch me, heal me
Make me whole again

The poem ends--or rather, it closes the loop--with her voice:

I will not let you blur
These traces in my mind
Of the way we were
Our limbs entwined
I miss you, still resist you,
Forgive me, for I must
Gather you so gently
From the dust.

Having taken the sculpture to the foundry to cast her in bronze, where she would be dismembered and later reconnected, I was literally compelled to write her story about death and rebirth. Both the poem and her story are now part of my new book, Twisted.

Q:  You have written several books. Pick one and tell me why you choose it first and what's it about. I know all your books are special to you, but what made this one stand out in your mind?

A:  Of my four books, let me introduce Twisted, my newest work. It starts with Job’s wife waking up in Hell, and hearing a voice, Satan’s voice, saying, “Gird up now your loins like a man; for I will demand of you, and you shall answer me. Where were you when I laid the foundations of this realm? Declare, if you have any understanding!” You may be surprised to realize that each and every one of Satan's words in that dialog are quotes from the words of God, lifted out of God's reply to Job (in the Book of Job.) As you may know, Job suffers pointlessly, yet he bites his lips so as not to resort to cursing God. But in the end he breaks down. He breaks his silence and challenges God
to answer for the apparent lack of divine justice. So God says, basically, Who are you to question me, as a mere mortal you understand nothing, nill! I'm the boss!" In Twisted Satan uses these words, the devil that he is, to establish that, like God, he is the boss in Hell. There is a parallel between them.
Readers who are familiar with the book of Job will immediately recognize these sentences. Initially they may assume this is God talking--until they have a rude awakening, which is intentionally provocative. In the audiobook edition, which is about to come out soon, my narrator will give his voice a little goat-like cackle, which may serve to offer a hint. This is not God talking, but the Prince of Darkness.

Q:  As a veteran author, working with social media, you are confronted with new coming authors. How do you respond to emerging authors?

A: I find the emergence of new talent a great phenomenon, one that was nearly impossible before. Social media offers so many new tools for all of us to reach out to readers, in a way that can eclipse the traditional power of publishing houses. Granted, some Indie authors neglect to go through careful editing, but I believe that in time, those who strive for excellence will separate out from the mediocre ones, and we the readers will be better off for it.

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